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Bariatric Surgery

Free "Benefits of Bariatric Surgery" Seminar!

Please join us for a free seminar to learn the benefits of Bariatric Surgery. Research has shown, with surgical assistance, patients typically lose excess weight more quickly in the first year than diet alone. Even better problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, severe arthritis and/or depression are remedied significantly.

Space is limited! Please reserve your spot by calling 607-763-8205.

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Welcome to the Southern Tier Surgical Clinic Bariatric Surgical and Non-Surgical Weight Loss Programs

The road to good health and weight wellness is a lifelong journey. Bariatric Surgery or Non-Surgical weight loss is one milestone along the road and are tools to help you achieve your weight goals. Weight loss is a lifestyle altering process which requires your active participation and commitment.

Southern Tier Surgical Clinic and United Health Services Hospitals are working very closely to provide the safest and highest quality program for you. This packet has been developed to assist you in your journey toward weight loss and to provide our team of professionals with the information necessary to provide you with the highest quality care. Inside you will find a description of the key steps in the process, the expectations of your participation and worksheets that you need to complete in order for us to support you throughout this program.

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